About SaitoKi

SaitoKi (pronounced sigh-toe-kee) is not just a name - it is a concept.

Saito is the Japanese word for site, as in website, and Ki, means circulating life force energy. We named SaitoKi for what it is - a way to give your web presence the life force it needs to circulate the web in an effective and positive way. Not only do we show you how to build a site, we help guide you through the growth and maintenance of a successful web presence.

SaitoKi is a one stop portal for all the tools needed to build and maintain a successful online presence. We’ve done all the research and tool testing for you, highlighting what we believe to be the pros and cons of each tool. Our resources will help you create and buy the right domain name for your business, build, upgrade, or maintain a successful website, market your brand’s presence online, measure the success of your marketing strategies, and manage your brand’s online reputation.

SaitoKi, will enable you to interact with your customers in and engaging way, and add value added tools to all of your online assets.

If you don’t have the time or ability to do it all yourself, you can take advantage of our facilitative or consulting services to help you get it all done in a painless and affordable way.

We at SaitoKi have been building and managing web presences for over ten years. We offer our knowledge and experience to help you be successful in your online business endeavors.


The Tools


Browse a collection of tools that can help you build a successful online presence. We tell you which ones we recommend, as well as why, when, and how to use them.

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Help facilitate


Setting up and using online marketing tools requires time and expertise that you may not have. Don’t worry! Saitoki is here to help!

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And finally

We consult


Saitoki will help you navigate the often overwhelming task of planning, implementing, and maintaining a successful online presence.

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