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what is local search optimization
what is local search optimization

What is Local Search Optimization?


  • Local Search Optimization is inclusion of your business into search engine directories and
    categorized by service type to facilitate consumers with geo targeted queries.
  • Search engines now use smart phone location services to find businesses near the user, Local SEO helps your business appear on consumers' search results. It's like having a bright, colorful, attention grabbing sign.

Why use Local Search Optimization?

  • Because seven out of ten consumers are more likely to use a company that has an online presence, and 95% of smartphone users conduct a search when looking for a business.
  • Because, unlike organic or paid search results, it provides local searchers with your business name, the distance from their location, reviews, directions, your business hours, and a clickable phone number!
  • Reviews received from your customers via Google or Yelp (two widely used local business search directories) are less likely to be anonymous. This gives you an opportunity to identify who left you the review and gives you a chance to address any concerns left by a customer who had a bad experience.
why use local search optimization
when to use local search optimization

When to use Local Search Optimization?


  • When you need build a local business strategy for your web presence, and then customize, track results, and tweak it in order to increase its effectiveness.
  • When you need to claim your businesses profile on existing listings and keep them up to date.
  • When you need to add reviews to your listing for future consumers' buying research.

How to use Local Search Optimization?

  • Use a Local Search Optimization Service to compliment your SEO Marketing efforts.
  • To get free listings in business directories like Google and Yelp.You don't need a website to have a listing so it's a convenient way to start your online presence.
how to local search optimization
local search optimization tools

Tools for Local Search Optimization


Using professionals prevents do it yourself mistakes and saves time and money in the long run. Local Search Optimization Services are professionals. Why spend money, time, and other resources on trial and error? Use an experienced Local SEO p and get fast and real results!

Here are a couple services that can help you with your listing.

  • AAAA
  • BBBB

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