Pure chat vs Comm 100 comparison

Want to know the difference between Pure chat vs Comm 100?  When it comes to Live Chat Services, there is no one size fits all solution. To get the most bang for your business buck, it is best to find a Live Chat Service that has a package of features suited to your business' size and model. Why pay for features that you will never use, or choose a service that does not fully meet your needs?

PureChat is the perfect live chat service for individuals or small companies. While it is less expensive than Comm100, PureChat still has all the features that a small business needs to effectively engage its customers. Below, we compare the most significant Pure chat vs Comm 100 features and highlight those that are the most applicable to a wide range of businesses.


Perfect for small business

Every penny counts! With three-user plans starting for as little as $15 a month, PureChat is a smart alternative for small businesses.
With real time visitor Geo Tracking, you can be one step ahead of consumer inquiries. By knowing a visitor's location, you you can quickly asses shipping charges, or provide them with a product ETA before the question is even asked.
PureChat is available for both Android and iOS, and is free to download and install with a subscription plan.
With easy to install code snippets for popular platforms like WordPress and Shopify, PureChat can be installed without the help of a technical expert. However, if you do happen to get stuck, contact us for help.
Chat sessions can be conducted with more than one customer at a time, so there is no need to put a customer on hold while you're engaged with another.
Never miss a lead! Even when you are not available, the customer can still leave contact information and send you email by using the chat agent.
See which page is attracting your visitor's attention the most and instantly initiate a chat session with them.
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Suitable for midsize or large companies

For organizations that have policies requiring a more secure environment.
You can follow you visitor's page views in real time, preventing the need for them to copy and paste links or URLS.
Provides you with the ability to see the what pages of your site a consumer has visited.
Gives you the ability to route a consumer to the appropriate department or person.
The ability to add custom fields allows you to collect additional information from a consumer before starting a chat session.
Since you can send files directly during the session, there is no need to use cloud storage or email.
May I help you? Much like a sales person in a brick and mortar business, instantly chat and engage your customers.
Auto real time chat translation for up to 13 languages. NOTE. Available in the "Business" or "Enterprise" plans only.
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