Live chat intro & tools


What is live chat?


  • Live chat is a real time customer communication add on for your website.
  • It turns a website visitor into a walk in customer

Why use live chat?

  • Ability to increase your sales because
    - This live interactive exchange allows your sales rep to identify, isolate, solve the problem and close sale when the customer is on your website.
    - it’s proactive not reactive. For the first time you can initiate contact with a visitor on your website.


  • Communicate with multiple customers at the same time. Because on the phone you’re limited to one rep per customer.
  • Anonymity support for your customers.

When to use live chat?


  • When your product requires customer interaction to help the customer make the choice.
  • If your service or product requires mini inquiries, this tool can help them fire off those little questions that just isn’t necessary for a call.
    - Will your product or service solve a specific problem that they have
    - Or a customer wants to know why your product vs your competition
    - How long it takes to provide the service
    - Questions about returns

How to use live chat?

  • Use it to enhance your customer experience.
  • Increase customer ratings with one step.
  • Make it for your customers to communicate with you.
  • Address customer complaints before it becomes a negative review.

Tools for Live Chat


Like never before, business now have the ability to interface directly with its website visitors and engage in full duplex dialog for instant feedback. Here a couple tools for live chat.

Compare the two applications to see which one best suits your needs.

PureChat vs Comm100

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