Reputation Management intro & tools


What is Reputation Management?


  • Reputation Management is the ability to gather public opinion on your brand and adjust strategies accordingly.
  • Reputation Management gives you the ability to listen in on conversations consumers are having about your brand, product, or service?
  • Reputation Management allow you to catch enquirers and negative comments or reviews to instantly respond them, or head them off before they cause damage.

Why use Reputation Management?

  • Because you can keep a sensitive finger on the web’s pulse, enabling your business monitor it's vital signs.
  • You're joining the internet conversation concerning your brand, and you are being both proactive and reactive in your approach to brand protection.
  • Your company will be able to find negative feedback or reviews and respond quickly, before damage is done.

When to use Reputation Management?


  • If, when you perform a search for your company, you find a page that has a potentially damaging review or comment.
  • To find the questions consumers are researching for and answer them. Places like on posts Forum and Blogs even on Social Media sites.
  • When you need to gain customer feedback data that you can use to:
    - Drive your company’s strategies
    - Make intelligence driven market adjustments
    - Improve communications with your consumer base

How to use Reputation Management?

  • By using certain buzz words you can identify locations on the internet where companies with complementary products/service are getting the most buzz for their brand and join the conversation to promote your brand.
  • Learn from your competitors mistakes. Sneak a peek and see feedback from your competitor’s customers about their products/services and adjust accordingly.
  • Using data gathered across social media and the rest of the net can help you make business decisions that you can apply to your product, service, marketing and more.

Tools for Reputation Management


Using Reputation Management, a smart business can gather, analyze, and process market feedback to keep abreast of what your customers are saying. Here are a couple tools to help you with Reputation Management.

  • AAAA
  • BBBB

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