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What is Search Engine Optimization?


  • Search Engine Optimization is the process of creating your website's copy in a way that allows search engines to decipher what your website is about and give it the proper ranking.
  • SEO involves key phrase research, content optimization, and website analysis.
  • Proper SEO teaches your website to speak the buyer’s search language and makes it search engine friendly.

Why use Search Engine Optimization?

  • Because organically ranked pages have a higher Click Through Rate. For instance, the number one organic position gets an average Click Through Rate of thirty three percent.
  • Because keyword research can find high potential keywords that help consumers discover your brand easily.
  • Because it is much more cost effective than alternative internet marketing options like Pay Per Click.
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When to use Search Engine Optimization?


  • When you want the most searched for phrases and keywords to find your brand.
  • When you want to find the newest key phrases that searchers are using during an information search or an alternative evaluation phase of purchasing.
  • When you need to know the demand for a product or service.

How to use Search Engine Optimization?

  • Use research data to identify possible new products or services. For example, a guitar company might be surprised to learn through keyword research, that there is much bigger market for “guitar repair,” than “new guitars.”
  • Use research data to optimize your website on two levels, on the actual site content, and on the domain level, so visitors can easily orient themselves.
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Tools for Search Engine Optimization


Search engine technology changes rapidly. Ensuring that your web marketing strategy is utilizing the most current techniques for the best results, requires ongoing keyword research and content tweaking. Here are some helpful tools.

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