Social Media Marketing & Management tools


What is Social Media Marketing?


  • Social Media Marketing is the use of hugely popular media such as Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Twitter to drive traffic to your website.
  • Do you have a plan to organize, prioritize, and execute your social media marketing strategy?

Why use Social Media Marketing?

  • Because a well developed SMM campaign will utilize social media to share, listen, and respond to the market in a dynamic, effective, and current way.
  • Because unlike other marketing efforts, SMM allows you to measure the efficacy of your campaign with instant feedback.

When to use Social Media Marketing?


  • To extend your potential customer base. Approximately one hundred and seven million people in the United States use LinkedIn, and 56.45% of the U.S. population uses Facebook, so there has never been a better time to use SMM.
  • To help build brand awareness for your product or service, which inevitable will result in more sales.

How to use Social Media Marketing?

  • If you offer consumer based products and services, you can reach your target markets through social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.
  • In addition to the above, social media like LinkedIn can be used for a B2B campaign.
  • Instead of using SMM to help promote a product, use it to help build brand awareness.

Tools for Social Media Marketing Management


There are many resources available to help you with the design and implementation of a successful Social Media Marketing strategy here are a couple tools that will allow you to:

  • Post, track, and analyze your efforts
  • Schedule roll-outs, events, and announcements
  • Manage all your social media outlets from one centralized interface.

The tools

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